Goji Berry   

One of the latest juices you might have seen entering the departments would have been juice made from Goji Berry. It has become quite a popular drink, but are there any side effects, where does it come from and what are its benefits? All these questions and more will be answered in this introduction to Goji.
The Goji berry is a recent phenomenon that began just about 10 years ago in 2002. The high-end food and health industry seems to be exploiting this delicate red berry that is found throughout the Himalayan valleys of China and parts of Tibet and Mongolia. These berries are being consumed and promoted by many celebrities including Oprah and Elizabeth Hurley as well. Since then many varieties of Goji products hit the stores and the marketing world promising various (some unbelievable) health benefits to the consumers. Some call it miracle food. Is it really?

What are Goji Berries?

Officially known as wolfberries, these have been grown in the Himalayan region for centuries. The berry has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure a host of ailments. Asian cuisines have long used these delicious berries as part of their dishes either as garnish or as an ingredient. The perennial plant grows to just about 3 meters. The fruit is shaken off the plant, instead of being picked, when ready for harvest. The berries become slightly chewy when dried in the sun, as is the case most often. Juice that is extracted from the berry makes a delicious drink.

Goji Today

The berry was introduced in the United Kingdom way back in 1730. However, the West realized the value of this fruit quite late and only started marketing it beginning in the early 2000s. Dried berries and juices are the most popular variants available today. The juice is usually a mix of the berry extract and water or other fruit juice. Capsules, granola bars and crunch bars are becoming popular now. 2006 witnessed a boost in the sales of the berry when UK retail giant Tesco started selling it in their stores. Well, these statistics tell us that there is something in this berry that makes it hugely wanted.

Uses of the Berry
The berry is usually sold in the dried form in small open boxes or packages. Traditionally, the berry is cooked before consuming it. Dried variations are used in various dishes in the Chinese cuisine. When boiled along with chrysanthemum or other flowers, they are used to make herbal teas. Wine and beer are produced from this berry as well. Apart from its natural use as a food element, it has a lot of use in the medical world. Click here to get your own box of berries at a discounted price.

Goji Berry Benefits
·         The berry can prevent or even cure cancer (so claim the marketers).
·         High in oxidants. In fact, the amount is higher than any other fruit.
·         Boosts sexual function.
·         Keeps you looking young.  One of the reasons why it is called a miracle fruit.
·         Fights heart disease. The high beta-carotene content helps much.
·         Sun damage to the skin is minimized to a large extent.
·         Aids the immune system. With over 18 kinds of amino acids and polysaccharides your system will be strengthened greatly.
·         Improves blood circulation.
·         Helps eyesight.
·         Protects the liver.
·         Helps you lose weight. The berries have characteristics that help control appetite and blood sugar levels. Due to their low glycemic index you will feel full quickly and stop craving more food. Thereby, indirectly helping you lose unnecessary weight.
·         Mental health boost.
·         Improved athletic performance.
·         Helps in body detox and blood cleansing.
·         Can be used by pregnant women to ease morning sickness.

Where is the Juice Available?
 Whole berries are available at Chinese herbal stores. This will be a good form for general consumption. If youre looking for juice you can find it at some department stores, it is available at many online stores and is always available with internet/network marketers. If you do not have access to these or cannot find the berry or juice, click here to order.

Safety: Is it Safe?
This is one of the primary questions that first time Goji users have. It is a healthy berry and when taken in diet along with proper exercise and rest can prove to be extremely beneficial to your overall health. It is advisable not to take this berry in isolation for extended periods. Use it in combination with other fruits and vegetables. If you are under medication it will be wise to consult your doctor before including this berry into your diet.
When compared to other fruits with regards to nutritional content the berry was found to have 19 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, more vitamin A, contains vitamin E, 500% more vitamin C than citrus fruits, contains omega 6 fatty acids, and has anti-bacterial properties. Nutrition wise, it is completely safe.

User Reviews
Here are just some of the many reviews by satisfied users of the berry:
Tara Lubin says that she and her family have been using the berry for about 5 months and they are all feeling energetic and have even lost weight!
Roy B from California says that his young son is no longer hyper active after eating these berries. He says that the young boy is more keen, energetic and attentive.
Patty Stewart ordered 5 bags of Goji berry after tasting them. She is quite excited about the taste and the miracle properties of the berry and wants to take full advantage of them. You can too. Click here to place your order.

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